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Jun 6, 2022

Today, I’m excited to share with you another fantastic guest to the conversation; former animator and current animation director/producer, Saul Blinkoff. Saul’s not only had a highly successful career in animation, but has spent many years touring the world, talking about how to live your best life, or like the name of his own podcast, live a Life of Awesome. Our talk ran the gamut of how to be a great leader in the creative arts to the incredible stories of working at Disney during the renaissance years in the 90's - all peppered with some of the best words of wisdom any person at any age can take with them. I had an absolute blast getting to know blast and I know you will too. Do yourself a favor - sit back, relax, grab yourself a nice cold one and enjoy my talk with Saul.
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Host: Mike Rosado
@ekimodasor & @mrcraleigh
Post-Production: Max Trujillo
Sponsors: MRC & Burny Wild’s
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