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Sep 12, 2022

Welcome once again Leadheads to another fine episode of The Pencil Pushers Podcast.

I am of course your humble host Mike Rosado and I am honored to be sharing some time with you today. Speaking of sharing time, I had the pleasure of sitting down at the studio with Skillshare founder, Michael Karnjanaprakorn to talk about a myriad of topics. For those of you few creatives that may have never heard or used Skillshare, they are pretty much the premiere online learning resource for creatives. Listen in as we talk about how Skillshare came to be, what he thinks about the strengths and weaknesses are between online and traditional learning for creatives, changing our mindsets about business and money as an artist and so much more. Michael was a delight to chat with and I think you’ll find this to be one of the most insightful talks we’ve had yet. So, without further ado, I invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy my chat with Michael.

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Host: Mike Rosado

@ekimodasor & @mrcraleigh
Post-Production: Max Trujillo
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