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Dec 2, 2019


In Episode 19, I invite you to listen in on our fantastic conversation with Louise Lockhart, the founder and creative force behind The Printed Peanut. Louise talks with us about her journey and juggling the life of a prolific artist, business-woman and now mother of a new-born. If you’re looking for a window into the path of a truly dedicated entrepreneurial artist, you’ve found your spot. Do yourself a favor, first find her on or on insta @theprintedpeanut, while you listen in. Enough talk - just sit back, relax and enjoy our chat with Louise.


The Pencil Pushers Podcast is a celebration of the hand-drawn arts. I’ll be interviewing friends and idols in illustration, animation, comic-art, and more.

- Mike Rosado

Produced and edited by Trujillo Media