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The Pencil Pusher's Podcast

Nov 4, 2019

Leadheads! Today we release into the wild, episode seventeen and I’m so pumped to share our great convo with the incomparable Cleon Peterson. Someone who knows the true role of what it means to be an artist - to push you to think, feel and perhaps even act. Cleon’s work is nothing short of astonishing in it’s scale and it’s fearlessness. I found him to be a joy to talk with - an open book and completely ready and willing to share his journey. So sit back, relax and enjoy our chat with Cleon.


The Pencil Pushers Podcast is a celebration of the hand-drawn arts. I’ll be interviewing friends and idols in illustration, animation, comic-art, and more.

- Mike Rosado

Produced and edited by Trujillo Media