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Feb 21, 2022

Welcome folks to another fine episode of the pencil pushers podcast. I’m your humble host, Mike Rosado, and it’s a pleasure to be sitting here introducing to you our very first guest of 2022: Graphic Artist, Stationer and Artrepreneur, Kate Smith. Kate was such a pleasure talking to and had a story that I found super compelling.

Picture if you will, marrying your high school sweetheart, working as a designer and living a successful American dream life, only to drop it all, sell everything you own, buy an Airstream for the two of you to travel the country, all while building a successful stationery design business that services some of the biggest retail shops in the world. Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond and more.

This is the life of Kate Smith. She quickly became one of my favorite guests and I believe you’re about to find out why. So, do yourself a favor, find and follow her on Instagram @katesmithcompany, while you sit back, relax and enjoy our chat with Kate.


The Pencil Pushers Podcast is a celebration of the hand-drawn arts. I’ll be interviewing friends and idols in illustration, animation, comic-art, and more.

- Mike Rosado 

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